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Upward Basketball & Cheerleading

Barry Orrell: Coordinator

What is Upward Basketball & Cheerleading?

Upward Basketball & Cheerleading is a kids sports league that encourages your child and is right for your family's busy schedule.  With just a 1-hour practice and 1-hour game each week, Upward Sports fits your lifestyle while promoting the values that matter to you.  Coaches and fans won't yell at your child; they'll cheer for them instead!  Upward Basketball and Cheerleading provides a positive sports experience for every child and makes the most of your family's time and money. Upward Basketball and Cheerleading offers a friendly sports environment where children can have fun and life lessons are shared at each practice. 

Practices and games will take place at Yadkinville Elementary School Gym.

League will be for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade, boys and girls.

Registration Information

We have not resumed this ministry due to COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding.